In The Beginning

Tokus stood, looking out the window, wondering what would happen next….

Those were the first words of my first novel. I remember them as vividly as I remember losing my virginity on the kitchen floor. Thirty five seconds, a burst of desperate lust. Fortunately for me, my writing performance lasted longer than my plunge into that uncharted territory!

As a writer of fiction, I’ve come to the page, to this blog, with the intent of creation, self discovery, social commentary, artistic expression and a whole lot of nerve – attempting to express the various colors and hues of my imagination.

I came to the page later in life, after years of aimless wandering, searching for what I imagined was the purpose that life had for me, when I discovered that I had a talent for the written word. I’ve got rhythm! And mindspace! And I’ve found that I can walk that thin line between insanity and creativity and still maintain my balance! Who knew!

I was crazy with the Muse!

Bananas I tell ya’!

I came to the page with the misguided notion that reading was easy so writing should be a snap! One of the greatest misconceptions of all time. Writng is never that easy.  Ever. In fact, I should have done some research by taking note of the anguished looks on writer’s faces. I would have seen torture personified in a furrowed brow, word  agony, coinus interuptus (that’s when you coin a phrase and keep getting interrupted by a voice in your head) or the tireless  searching for the appropriate word or phrase that dangled just beyond their reach. Or even the dazed and confused look of someone afflicted with the dreaded writer’s block. What a monster She is!!!

But I put on my armor whenever She’s around. We have fought and battled and sometimes I’ve emerged, bloody and battered – the victim of verbal uppercuts  and well phrased lefts and rights to my sternum – but I’ve managed to get a few books done. I ain’t scurred!  I ain’t!

I’m starting this blog as a way of exploring my creative space. In the words of Stephen King, ‘Life is not a support system for art. It’s the other way around.’ So this blog will be a journal of art as it pertains to the bewildering, synaptic, crazy colored chessboard of my mind. It should be fun. ‘Follow’ me if you dare. Go ahead. Press the button.

And if you are brave enough and willing to ‘follow’ me, I have some rules in place. Simple rules but crucial to the author’s mental well being:

Rule  1) After reading some of my posts, you can’t tell anyone that I’m, Crazy! Deranged! I plead guilty. Sometimes. It ain’t me all the time… it’s Her! The Muse.

Rule 2) Be opinionated. Do what you like. Say how you like. Say it with rhythm or style or brass or your own lightness of being.Variety is the spice of life and I’m real spicey!! And finally

Rule 3) Let your Muse run free. Let Her dance and sing. Perhaps stick her tongue out at my Muse who is dancing to the beat of her own drummer. The written word can be so much fun! In fact, I’m thinking of a story right now! My Muse is crooking Her finger at you, beckoning to you. She’s trying to be sexy. Come!


Published by: Nane Quartay

Nane Quartay was born in upstate New York. After a tour in the US Navy, he traveled extensively before returning to New York to begin writing his first novel, Feenin'. His titles include Come Get Some, Take Two And Pass, The Badness and soon to be released Feel The Fire. He now lives in the Washington, DC area.

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