Man Deep

Man Deep

One day, while hanging out with the fellas, I found myself in the midst of a Man Deep debate. These sessions happen when the subject turns to women, our understanding of them and their inability to understand us.

“Man! I don’t know how Kanye West can get with that Kim Kardashian chick.”

I had to stick up for her. “Why not? She thick like a sista and sexy as hell too.”

“Yeah. But she had a sex tape on the internet though.”


“And I couldn’t be in a relationship with a woman who has been having butt naked sex on the internet for everybody to see. Not me.”

“Me either!” Another one of the fellas co-signed. “Listen. If my woman was a stripper and you went to the club she was stripping at! Then you are no longer welcome in my home.”

It may sound insane but I know what he means!

Man Deep!

So I put my two cents in. “You can’t turn a hooker into a housewife? Is that it?”

They answered in chorus, ‘NO!”

And here is the Man Deep Test; where we delve into the male psyche and see what we come up with. While it’s true that we can be superficial and territorial and personally possessive with our women, there has to be some point where we actually look deeper than our surface lust.

So I ask: “Could you be strong enough to be in a serious relationship with a stripper who had a sex video on the internet? Would you be strong enough to do that? Deep enough?”


“That would be like sharing my woman with everybody.”

“If everybody see my woman nekked, then she’s everybody’s woman too.”

Are we Man Deep at all?

Is it superficial love? Surface lust? Or is it the limit to which macho allows us to go? Are my depths merely the shallow end of a reflecting pool that only allows my vision of Narcissism?

How Man Deep am I?

Deep enough to look beyond the past or the indictable present? To see beyond what the world sees and see the love behind it. After all, a picture doesn’t make a person. It doesn’t belie a touch, a feeling, a longing, a connection or even shade the hue of emotions that keeps one in touch with life, love and the pursuit of happiness. These are the rough edges of manhood that need to be smoothed so that through the veil of perception can be seen the spirit of a person.

So if I go Man Deep, I have to come to the conclusion that my shortfall might be Pride. And because pride can border on the edge of conceit, it may be the one element that separates a man from his true happiness, the one factor that can impede the progress from self-love to other-love and beyond.

We never know the answers, never discern the distance between what’s real and what really matters but we do go deep; only time will tell if we went deep enough.


Published by: Nane Quartay

Nane Quartay was born in upstate New York. After a tour in the US Navy, he traveled extensively before returning to New York to begin writing his first novel, Feenin'. His titles include Come Get Some, Take Two And Pass, The Badness and soon to be released Feel The Fire. He now lives in the Washington, DC area.


2 thoughts on “Man Deep”

  1. There are a myriad of reasons not to date KK outside of the sex take and the revealing gear:
    1. She it’s a hoochie on & off camera. It’s a known fact in the circles that she done got around. There’s no way Kanye would have wifed a black chick like Kim.

    2. Aside from being a slut, KK is completely shallow. She lacks the capability of the depth needed to maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Which is why Kanye is her third husband. Nothing is sacred to her or her family … everything is up for sale with her. One certainly cannot raise a child in such an environment. So if you want to venture into a relationship with her you have to decide -publicity or reality.

    3. KK ings a dunce cap. If she’s not worrying herself on camera, she really is pretty much useless. She can’t cook, she can’t dance, she can’t fuck (I saw the sex tape. I’ve seen better sex movies with amateurs). I can find ba regular woman that can read, got your back, have a decent conversation with and better sex/lovemaking sessions.

    Just adding a few more to the Man Deep conversations. 😉


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